|| Nimthera || නිම්තෙර ....

|| Nimthera || නිම්තෙර ....

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December 16, 2013

ඩයලොග් TV නොමිලේ බලන්න - Watch Diag TV Free

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ඩයලොග් TV නොමිලේ බලන්න - Watch Diag TV Free
දැන් ඩයලොග් TV ඔබේ දුරකතනයෙන් මෙන්ම පරිගනකය ඔස්සෙද ඔබට නැරබිය හැකිබව දන්නවාද ???
…කිසිදු ගාස්තු අයකිරීමකින් තොරව නාලිකා 8ක් මෙන්ම විශේශ පැකෙජ 3ක් ඔස්සේ ඔව්න්ගෙ සියලුම නාලිකා ඔබට නැරබිය හැක.
 ( සල්ලි ගෙවන්න ඔනෙ නෑ ...  ෆ්‍රී එවා විතරක් බලපන් :) )

  • Gold Pack @ Rs.3.33/Day +Tax or Rs 100/Month + Tax.
  • Silver Pack @ Rs.3.33/Day +Tax or Rs 100/Month + Tax.
  • Platinum Pack @ Rs.3.33/Day +Tax or Rs 100/Month + Tax.
  • Non-premium VOD channel @ Rs.3/Day + Tax and Premium VOD channel @ Rs.5/Day + Tax
  • Movies: Rs.50/week + Tax (per movie)







Q. What is MYTV?
A . Live TV and Video on Demand (VOD) directly streamed onto your Laptop or desktop. You can select from an exhaustive list of 50+ Live and VOD channels in various categories like News, Sports, Entertainment, Infotainment, Music, Movies, etc. Now you can watch your favorite local and international channels on your PCs. The channel list will keep growing and you will always have something new to discover on MYTV.
Q. How do I get MYTV?
A . You can get the web application by typing a URL, in your IE8/IE9 and above browsers. It can also be accessed with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
Q. How do I get this service, if I am an existing user of Dialog mobile broadband connection?
A . You can click . This URL works only with Dialog mobile broadband connection.
Q. How do I get this service, if I am NOT an existing user of Dialog mobile broadband?
A .This service is only available for Dialog mobile broadband customers. If you are not an existing user you can purchase a dialog mobile broadband connection by calling our hotline 1777.
Q. How do I subscribe to channel?
A .
  • Click on the Channel to view.
  • Select the package you want to subscribe to
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and
  • Click on subscribe now button
  • You are subscribed to the Pack and now play the channel
Q. I have subscribed for a channel and not able to view that channel in My channel list. Why?
A. Close the URL and re-open, My Channel list will refresh & you can see the newly subscribed channel along with the previously subscribed channels.
Q. How do I unsubscribe from the service?
A. You can unsubscribe through the My Channel tab. Go to the My Channel tab and go to My Subscribed Channels. Select the channel and unsubscribe the channel in the icon mentioned on the top most right hand side.
Q. Once switched on (or logged on), can I somehow stop the usage (consumption of MYTV) in between in case I wish to & then resume after sometime? Or the only way to stop is to completely log out?
A .You can stop the TV streaming by returning the Home screen. You are a click away if you want to resume viewing the same channel.
Q. Can we download any file/ content from MYTV?
A. Copy/record/repurposing any content being streamed on MYTV is prohibited and legally punishable by law.
Q. Can I record any content from MYTV if need be?
A. Copy/record/repurposing any content being streamed on MYTV is prohibited and legally punishable by law.
Q. Where do I check for the programs of particular channel?
A .You can select channel from the channel list & browse the program of that channel by clicking on What.s Next. Note: Program guides are not available for all channels.
Q. Will I be charged extra for playing the content?
A .No, there is no data charge for streaming.
Q. When I open the URL & click on channel for viewing, it takes long time to load the video. Why?
A. The usual time for a video to start would be anywhere between 2 sec to 20 sec. This varies based on the network conditions.
Q. Is MYTV suitable for any specific laptop or software configuration e.g. vlc, windows xp, vista, media player or a real player?
A. It works with Windows OS. It does not require any other software such as real player.
Q. Is there anyone whom I can meet in person or discuss over the phone to know more about MYTV?
A. You can call the call our hotline 1777 or visit the nearest Dialog Arcade.
Q. Will I be able to use MYTV outside HSPA coverage Area?
A . The MYTV service requires high speed internet access for streaming the video. Users in poor network conditions will not be able to view TV streaming seamlessly.

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